Wedding Weekend In San Francisco

IMG_1501 Yesterday was an exciting one for same sex couples in San Francisco  after the ban on gay marriage was finally lifted! After waiting four and a half years, same sex couples in San Francisco can finally get official marriage licenses again!  The Supreme Court ruled that ProtectMarriage, the sponsors for Prop 8, did not have legal standing to put the same sex marriage ban into effect in 2008. WELL DUH! No one has any standing when it comes to the love between two people, whether heterosexual or homosexual; LOVE IS LOVE PEOPLE!

Anyway, while it actually happens to be pride weekend in San Francisco, they  are also calling it “wedding weekend” because of all the gay couples coming from all over California to finally marry their loved ones, but unfortunately their fight may not be over. Apparently, the marriage licenses were not supposed  to go into effect until 25 days after the Supreme Court’s decision, but the ban was lifted only two days after the decision was made (with the governors blessing). This is why so many couples are not wasting anytime to say their vows. Many are afraid that their rights may be taken away once again on Monday and they are not taking any chances!

Lawyers of Prop 8 sponsors have already asked the Supreme Court to stop the recommencement of same sex marriages. The Associated Press reported that:

“[Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Austin Nimocks] says the Supreme Court’s  consideration of the case is not done yet because his clients still have 22 days to ask the justices to reconsider their decision holding that Proposition 8’s backers did not have legal authority to defend the ban.”

Screen shot 2013-06-29 at 8.09.31 PM

Picture from The LA Times

In my opinion, people are people and there is no reason for anyone to not have equal rights based on whom they love! So here is my official congratulation to all of the beautiful homosexual men and women out there! You deserve to marry whoever you love and should never be ashamed of who you are! Keep fighting and have an awesome wedding weekend San Francisco!


One thought on “Wedding Weekend In San Francisco

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