Golden Globe Awards 2014

Hello All! Welcome to Salty Waters 2014! Haven’t been blogging as much lately, but thought to myself… Hmmm, what better way to come back then by talking Golden Globe fashion!

Watching the Golden Globe Awards last night was absolutely mesmerizing! The stars pulled all the stops and dress after dress just made me more impressed. However, that doesn’t mean that everybody dressed his or her best. We’re going to start with the worst. Here are my 3 least favorite ensembles of the night:


Zoe Saldana, this dress just makes no sense. It looks like scraps from some leftover prom dresses! Not a good choice Zoe!


Emma Watson, I actually love this outfit! I think it’s really chic and looks good on her, but it is not appropriate for the Golden Globes!


Taylor Swift… What can I say about this dress? Really, not very much because it’s so boring. It looks good on her, but there is just nothing special about this dress.

Now that I have put those less than lovely Golden Globe outfits to shame, let’s get to the fun stuff: OUR FAVORITES! I absolutely love seeing beautiful people in beautiful fashion. I mean, the best part about award show season is seeing these breathtaking pieces of art all along the red carpet isn’t it? This is when you can truly appreciate what these master designers create. When you think about it, all of the most timeless moments start with a gorgeous gown!

Image Image



Feeling inspired by these Golden Globe fashions? Here are some ways to create your own outfits that are realistic options based on all the Hollywood award show glam we experienced last night!


American Apparel Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Mini Dress- $40.00


Urban Outfitters Motel Venus Cold Shoulder Bodycon Dress- ON SALE $39.99


Urban Outfitters Out From Under Thalia Branded Bra Top- $34.00


Tell Big Pores To Hit The Door!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of being 20 with the skin of a 13 year old. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have craters and zits covering my face by any means, but I do still break out and wish my skin was a bit more clear and pimple free. Also, with escalating summer heat, comes the enemy of summer sweat… and cue the blackheads, big pores, and even bigger pimples! When this happens, don’t fret and most definitely don’t stress, it will only encourage more acne. Instead, I have a beyond easy facemask that you can make at home with two simple ingredients.

This particular mask is a mixture of egg whites and cornstarch (yep, that’s all you need!). It is particularly beneficial egg in shrinking large pores. This is great during the summertime because with the heat our pores naturally expand to release oil and sweat and that is a big factor of acne on your face.

First, you need one egg white. Egg whites are great for skin because they help tone and tighten while they nourish the skin!  This makes your pores smaller so your skin will look more smooth and flawless.

Next, you will need 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. Cornstarch has a natural moisture absorption property and is normally used as a thickener in cooking. Both of these components are great for the skin because it helps to absorb excess oil from your face and clogs pores making them less noticeable!

All you have to do is whip the egg white and cornstarch together with a fork (just like if you were making scrambled eggs). Do this until the mixture is frothy and the cornstarch is not clumpy. Then apply the mask to your face for 20 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. It’s best to do the mask about 1-2 times a week depending on preference.  My only word of caution is that if cornstarch-kingsfords you do have sensitive skin maybe test a smaller area of your skin or use it for a shorter time period, just to make sure the ingredients react well with your face. In addition, if you’re allergic to either of the ingredients there are many variations like egg white with lemon, or cornstarch with vinegar so don’t fuss, your kitchen is full of wonderful things for everyone’s face!

Also, because the mixture is just a froth it will drip a bit at first so don’t wear anything cute when putting on your mask! However, the mask doesn’t take too long to tighten up so don’t worry it won’t drip all over the place or anything! In my experience, I noticed results as soon as I took the mask off! I hope you experience the same and please comment with any reviews or suggestions!

Here’s a video to make creating your mask even easier:

Salty Waters: A Blog Without Limits

I guess I’ll start off with a little intro on who I am and what this blog is about… My name is Isabella, but everyone has called me Izzy since before I can remember.

Me at a drum circle back in the day!

Me at a drum circle back in the day!

I am 20 years old, a Maryland native, engaged to a beautiful man named Nicholas, a student at Towson University, and constantly striving to be better than I was yesterday.

I am hoping that my blog will be somewhat of a lifestyle blog, meaning I will include fun events and activities! I plan on including anything and everything in this blog! I love fashion, food, and fun!  I also obviously love music and am fascinated by the many different forms of raw human artistry in this world.

However, while this will be a lifestyle blog; life isn’t really all fun parties and happy times is it? I want this blog to not only include the positive things we have in this world, but I also will use this blog to tell personal stories, my opinions on today’s top issues and to speak about many different scenarios that we can all relate to. I would like my posts to be able to relate to people on all levels

Nicholas and I on our first Valentine’s day together

Nicholas and I on our first Valentine’s day together

and I feel that by making “Salty Waters” a blog without limits, I can truly express all life has to offer, both good and bad (but mostly good of course!).


Sweet Life Festival 2013

This blog will have posts ranging from fun recipes that I enjoy and the fashion statements that I adore, to serious emotional obstacles that I feel need to be expressed!  I will be including everything from today’s top trends to daily life happenings, and I hope any readers out there tell me what they’d like to read and hear about so that I can include more!

I titled my blog “Salty Waters” because to me it is a metaphor of sorts. It refers to the reality and beauty in life.

Sometimes you hear people use “salty” as a term to say something or someone is upset, bitter, or hurt over something. This to me refers to the obstacles and hardships that we all face. However, salt water itself is a natural healing property. Whether from tears or from the sea, salt water has a way of healing our pain.

To me the title “Salty Waters” is a play on how even on life’s worst days; tumblr_lyt8075muq1r3ldjho1_500 there is still a magnificently beautiful world around us with unparalleled wisdom and gloriousness still out there waiting to be discovered.

Now I believe that’s all you need to know about this blog and while I am highly aware that my blog may never be read by anyone except for myself, I do hope that if it is read that it helps open minds and open hearts to all that life has to offer. Live life deliberately my friends!