Fourth Of July Fun!

Let me start by saying that I hope everyone had a safe and fun-filled 4th of July! I am happy to report that Nicholas and I had a fantastic one! This year we attended the fghgfdsafgfdsa Oregon Ridge fireworks show in Cockeysville, Maryland. Fireworks at The Oregon Ridge Nature Center are a Baltimore tradition for most Marylanders. It is definitely one of the best spots to get together with your friends and family on Independence Day!

At Oregon Ridge, the show starts with a beautiful performance by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. They play songs ranging from the traditional American favorites to songs from movies and musicals such as Pocahontas and Les Misérables. Then the fun really starts with their amazing firework show! They by far have one of the best firework shows around. sds However, here’s a word of advice: Oregon Ridge has some pretty steep prices ($15 to park, $20 per adult, and $10 for children under 12) so if you’d rather save some money I suggest checking out the firework show at the Inner Harbor, but definitely get there early to get a good parking spot!

Now in order to have the perfect 4th of July outing, there are definitely some things you should know. Humid heat, high refreshment costs, and of course BUGS, all can turn your Independence Day picnic from fun in the sun to a day that’s well… Not so fun. To avoid the dangers of the 4th, here are my tips!

  1. Pack your own cooler: If you go to an event like I did at s Oregon Ridge you know that even buying a single ice cream can cost $5, when you could by a whole box of them for that amount! This year Nick and I packed easy outdoor food. We packed sliced pork, tuna salad, and shrimp salad along with buns and condiments for our friends to make sandwiches. We also had crackers and chips to dip into guacamole and our tuna! We also had fruit salad and a TON of water! They were all easy snacks that were easy to pack and easy to clean up!
  2. Bring your own drinks: When going to any concert or show you’re always at the mercy of whatever drinks the establishment carries. Now I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of overly expensive beers in July heat, so make your wallet and your tastebuds happy by packing your favorite drink. Nicholas and I packed a bottle of gin with cranberry juice which was super refreshing! We could add our ice and fruit in it too to make our drinks extra delicious!
  3. Have a checklist: The only way I ever truly pack everything for an outing or a vacation is if I make a list! I always end up forgetting something important so having a checklist helps me be sure I’ve got all my supplies! For the fourth there are definitely some essential items: bug spray, water, blankets, cash, sunscreen, and plastic ware are all majorly important (I also think packing chairs are great if you’re not one who likes sitting on the ground for long periods of time).

    Now you know the easy essentials for your next Fourth of July outing!


Feeling Kinky?

In celebration of “Thirsty Thursday,” I decided to post my new found favorite drink! Kinky Liqueur—it’s beyond delicious!!!


Basically, Kinky Liqueur is a heavenly pink mixture of mango, blood orange liquor, passion fruit, and of course vodka! Luckily, unlike most fruity and girly drinks out there, this one is not overly sweet or sickening, meaning I could actually drink more than two drinks without feeling nauseous!

Now I’ll let you in on my secret concoction for Kinky! I mixed a generous (okay VERY generous) amount of Kinky with white tea and pink lemonade! The pink lemonade helps bring out the fruity flavors of Kinky, while the white tea adds a subtle sweetness that tones down the alcohol taste from the liqueur!

KinkyI highly encourage you try some for yourself! Plus, if you don’t feel like brewing and chilling your own white tea, Brisk makes a good mixture of pink lemonade and white tea already made, how easy is that? I’m also thinking a good treat for an extra hot day would be this mixture over shaved ice with blueberries or blackberries—Come on who can resist an original Kinky Margarita?

Another favorite Kinky drink is the Kinky Blow Pop Martini! It’s a mixture of Kinky Liqueur, bubble gum vodka, pink lemonade, lemon lime soda, and an actual blow pop! Its super sweet so taste test before making a big batch,

Kinky Blow Pop Martini!

Kinky Blow Pop Martini!

but its pretty scrumptious and super cute for a signature party drink! For more fun recipes you can check out the Kinky Liqueur Website! I do feel that before I end this post I should warn you, Kinky Liqueur is so yummy that it is very easy to forget that your drinking alcohol, so please drink responsibly, but by all means BOTTOMS UP!